Assessment of Consumer Satisfaction with Health Care Services in Community Pharmacies in Sierra-Leone


This study examined community pharmacy healthcare services accessed byconsumers; determined their level of satisfaction with such healthcareservices; and assessed the relationship between consumers’ level ofsatisfaction and consumers’ demographic characteristics. A cross sectionalsurvey of 583 participants was conducted using a pretested self–administeredquestionnaire presented in a 5-point Likert scale. Descriptive and parametrictechniques were used to summarize data at P< 0.05.  Mean age of consumers was 35.2years ± 5.39 SD.Services most sought after were patients counseling (87.8%), purchase ofprescription and non-prescription medicines (82%), purchase of non-drugproducts (74.1%) and treatment of minor ailments (71%). Services least soughtafter were screening services (5.3%), health education (4.6%), monitoringdevice (4.5%), and sexuality education (3.6%). About (84.8%) of participantsreported they had good satisfaction. Moderate satisfaction was 50.4 %, and poorsatisfaction was 38%. Their degree of satisfaction was significantly associatedwith age (p=.031), gender (p=.012) education (p=.016) and occupation (p=004). Satisfaction-relatedstatements that had good scores were: information provided by pharmacists, andquality of drugs. Moderate scores were rate of service delivery, insufficientstock. Statements with poor scores were unavailability of pharmacists in theirwork place, inadequate hospitality of pharmacy staff, and prices of medicines. 


Sierra-Leone, Cunsumer satisfaction, Community pharmacy services

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Margret Olubunmi Afolabi (Obafemi Awolowo University)
Kanayo Patrick Osemene (Obafemi Awolowo University)





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