Formulation and antianaemic evaluation of the tablets containing Telfairia occidentalis aqueous leaf extract


The efficacy of plants in the treatment of various diseaseshas led to the development of presentable and acceptable herbal formulations.This study evaluated the suitability of different binders in the formulation ofdried aqueous leaf extract of Telfairia occidentalis (TOLE) tablets.Granules were prepared by wet granulation using polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP),corn starch (CS) and gelatin (GEL) at 5 %w/v and then compressed intotablets. Flow properties of granules; angle of repose, Hausner ratio andCarr’s index was determined, mechanical properties of tablets; hardness,friability and disintegration time were evaluated and anti-anaemic assessmentof the optimized tablet was carried out using standard methods. Results showthat TOLE and the granule formulations possessed good flow properties. Tablethardness was 5.22, 5.18, 4.40 kgF for GEL>CS>PVP respectively; friabilityvalues were 0.00, 0.20 and 0.34 % respectively. Tablets disintegrated between28 and > 60 min; only those prepared with PVP disintegrated within theofficial specified time. The optimized tablets were comparable with TOLE inimproving haematological indices of mice. All the bindersproduced robust tablets but PVP is considered the mostsuitable, in vivo study revealed TOLE retained its activity in theformulated tablet suggesting the formulation can be used as an oralanti-anaemic supplement. 


antianemic, excipients, Telfairia occidentalis, tablets

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Olayemi, O. J. & Daburi, A. & Isimi, C. Y., (2021) “Formulation and antianaemic evaluation of the tablets containing Telfairia occidentalis aqueous leaf extract”, British Journal of Pharmacy 5(1). doi:







Olubunmi Jumoke Olayemi (National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD))
Aisha Daburi (National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research & Development, Abuja)
Christianah Yetunde Isimi (National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research & Development, Idu-Abuja)





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